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Welding Contractors

For businesses looking for metal building contractors who are local to the Tarzan, TX area, give us a call. We are Texas Fence and Welding, a local contractor with welding expertise that will allow us to weld and construct any metal project. We do great work and are one of the most highly respected contractors in the local area. We take care of both commercial and residential fencing projects and have the ability to work in the fencing material you choose. We are also able to construct fencing for any project including but not limited to farm/ranch fencing, residential fencing, and oilfield fencing. Our work is meticulous and our pricing is competitive.  We are highly professional but customer friendly and dedicated to customer satisfaction. As a local company, you can see examples of our work throughout the community in areas which include Odessa, Stanton, Gardendale, as well as the Tarzan, TX area.

We are happy to take care of farm/ranch fencing in the area. In fact, we are experts at both fencing and metal works and can take care of any type of metal building construction you are interested in obtaining as well. We work hard, are reliable, and take pride in our workmanship and our ability to keep our pricing competitive. We can take care of any job you need to have done whether large or small and commercial or residential. Every undertaking we sign on for is handled with the highest level of skill and craftsmanship. People within the community highly recommend our services. Why not give us a call today at Texas Fence and Welding for an estimate?  

We are available from 9 am until 6 pm Monday through Saturday, and we can make appointments for Saturday if needed. If you would like more details about our business, we invite you to visit us at

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