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Metal Fencing

If you are looking for fence installation or need our services as welding contractors for one or more of your properties in or near Stanton, TX, give us a call at Texas Fence and Welding. We are proud of the work we do as well as our ability to keep our prices affordable and take care of any fencing need we are called upon to do. Whether your fencing needs are large or small, or if you have a special project in mind. Our skill, experience, and training give us the confidence to say we can take care of it for you, whatever it is. Join our satisfied customers from around the area in places such as Gardendale, Tarzan, Odessa, and Stanton, TX in allowing us to take care of all your commercial and residential fencing needs.  

At Texas Fence and Welding, we work with various types of fencing materials. Each material has its own set of pros and cons and the choice of a material can have more to do with the purpose of the fencing than simply aesthetics. Whatever you choose and wherever you want the fencing installed, when you are working with Texas Fence and Welding, you can count on always receiving the outstanding work we are known for. In addition to fencing installation, we are also expert welding contractors. We are one of the local community’s most respected contractors. Why not give us a try and see why we come so highly recommended.

We are one of the area’s most highly rated service contractors. Our professionalism, customer care, and affordable pricing are legendary. Allow us to help you with your fencing or welding jobs. We are open for business Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Visit our website for more details at

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